Finite Element Library

LARSA 4D's finite element library includes linear and nonlinear elements, advanced seismic inelastic elements, and one-, two-, three-, and four-node element forms. Additionally, most of the elements within LARSA 4D's library include geometric nonlinearity.

Elastic Elements

LARSA 4D's Elastic Element Library includes the following elements:



Multi-node Super Cable

Compression/Tension-Only Truss

Nonlinear Grounded Spring

Nonlinear 2-Node Spring

Coupled 6x6 Foundation Spring

Hook and Gap Element

Triangle Shell Element

Quadrilateral Shell Element

Thin & Thick Plate Behavior

8-Node & 20-Node Brick

6-Node and 15-Node Wedge

Nonlinear Elements (Material Nonlinearity)

LARSA's inelastic and seismic element library is based on the works of Professor A.M. Reinhorn at the National Center for Earthquake Engineering and Research and Professor M. Sivaselvan at the University of Buffalo. With the inelastic analysis tools developed through this collaboration, LARSA 4D provides engineers new capabilities for seismic and collapse analysis.

Hysteretic elements support many types of nonlinear and inelastic behaviors based on smooth yield surface and polygonal hysteretic models. LARSA 4D's inelastic element library includes the following:

Friction Pendulum

Sliding Friction Element

Viscous Dashpot

Analytical Hinge

Hysteretic Inelastic Spring

Beam with Inelastic Connection

Uniaxial Hysteric Spring

Triaxial Hysteric Spring

Yield Surface-Based Beam Element