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Integrated design for concrete components

Expand LARSA 4D's BRIDGE SERIES software platform with concrete analysis and design enhancements to rapidly perform Biaxial Interaction Analysis, Moment Curvature Analysis, and detailed Code Check.

LARSA 4D C-Suite

C-Suite provides integrated capabilities for reinforced and pre- and post-tensioned concrete structures in a single environment, allowing engineers to rapidly conduct code check for various design codes, from AASHTO LRFD to IRC.
C-Suite includes a Pier Code Check Tool which reads the section shape, reinforcement layout, post-tensioning and design forces from LARSA 4D models, performs biaxial interaction analysis, and generates fully transparent reports with equation-by-equation references at critical stations. The 3D capacity surface of a section can be visualized and used to check whether demands on a member from a LARSA 4D load case fall inside the capacity surface. C-Suite also includes a moment curvature analysis and P-M-M hinge yield surface generation with refinement controls for design and inelastic analysis.

Performing Pier Code Check with LARSA 4D C-Suite

Model Preperation

Performing pier code check begins by creating separate structure groups in LARSA 4D for the desired piers, where each structure group contains the members of a single column. From here, the Sections Spreadsheet of LARSA 4D or the LARSA 4D Section Composer Tool can be used to enter rebar information into pier sections. Once entered, the desired code check cases are entered into LARSA 4D C-Suite’s spreadsheets where users can quickly define and modify the necessary parameters pertaining to each desired code check.

Moment Curvature Analysis

Integrated Moment Curvature Analysis facilitates the calculation of section capacities for concrete girders, including girders containing pre- and post-tensioning tendons. Material models and section properties for different cross-sections with advanced materials and behavior for composite modeling are supported.

Biaxial Interaction Analysis

Easily access Biaxial Interaction Analysis results that are rapidly performed to determine the ultimate capacity of concrete sections, including sections with or without cutouts and various reinforcement patterns. Interaction diagrams present the visualization of the three-dimensional capacity of the pier-section with and without the Phi factor to check whether the demands on a pier column fall within the capacity surface of the member.

The following packages of LARSA 4D are compatible with LARSA 4D C-Suite.


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