About LARSA, Inc.

LARSA, Inc. develops advanced software for the analysis and design of bridges and structures based on the finite element method. Our flagship product, LARSA 4D BRIDGE Series, is recognized as the premier software for bridge engineers with the innovative tools necessary to support the life of a bridge project from design to construction.

By coupling structural analysis and design with the latest computing technology, LARSA 4D has become the most reliable software of its kind for segmental, cable-stayed, suspension, steel girder and other bridge forms, as well as other structures requiring geometric or material nonlinearity, complex three-dimensional geometry, or advanced staged construction analysis.

LARSA, Inc. is privately owned and based in New York, with all its software development and product supports services conducted in-house.

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Events Timeline

Committed to pushing the envelope of structural analysis software, LARSA 4D products have led the market with many industry firsts.

  • 1980’s

    LARSA is the first to offer an individual PC-based DOS structural analysis package with geometric nonlinearity.

  • 1990’s

    LARSA 98 is introduced as the first Microsoft Windows analysis software with plastic pushover analysis and sparse solver technology.

  • 2000’s

    LARSA leads the industry as the first to offer robust time-dependent staged construction analysis.

  • 2010’s

    LARSA 4D's "Features on Demand" is the 1st tool available to deliver custom features and software updates to end-users in real-time.

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The LARSA 4D Team is sharp, agile, and committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure you have a positive experience with LARSA 4D software products. Meet our team below and get to know the people who make our software work for you.