Industry Leading Client Support

Backed by the industry’s most responsive support team, engineers rapidly receive personalized assistance informed by our decades of experience advancing structural analysis software.

LARSA’s Annual Maintenance Program is a yearly subscription to ongoing services which represents our commitment to ensure our clients maximize their use of LARSA 4D. LARSA 4D License Maintenance benefits include:

  • Unlimited Technical Support: The LARSA 4D Support Team Help-Desk is available 24-hours per-day, seven days a week via email Telephone services are available between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Time (standard or daylight) during the standard business week (M-F).
  • Version Upgrade: The LARSA 4D Software Release Cycle delivers new and enhanced versions of the Software to LARSA patrons. Updated Versions of the Software are made available through LARSA's Corporate Website, and are accessed through secure user accounts, called LARSA 4D Web Accounts. LARSA 4D Web Accounts are available to qualified users at no-cost through registration at the following address:
  • On-Demand Training: LARSA's Synchronous Online Learning is available at no additional cost to clients with License Maintenance. On-Demand Training is scalable for learning across multiple office sites, including for firm-wide training initiatives across multiple time-zones. Meetings are interactive and available as 60-minute sessions focused on pre-determined course offerings, or customizable for project-teams addressing specific requirements for modeling, analysis, load rating, etc. Standard provisions include temporary training licenses, PDH Continuing Education Credits, and documented resources including video recordings of the meeting(s) distributed back to the client.
  • On-Site Training: LARSA's Live Learning service is available at no additional cost to high-volume corporate clients with License Maintenance. Trainings may be requested for a maximum of three (3) consecutive days within the continental Unites States per each Annual License Maintenance Period. Meetings deliver between six (6) and eighteen (18) PDHs. Custom, project-based learning available on request.
  • Custom Features: LARSA's support engineers provide new features directly to clients. That includes custom macros that let your computer do the work for you when faced with a repetitive task. Customize your deployment of LARSA 4D for efficient processing supporting organizational, and project-based design team requirements.
  • Reduced Pricing: Licenses covered by Annual Maintenance benefit from discounts contained in LARSA's pricing schedule for multi-seat license pools.