Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions pertaining to LARSA 4D Licenses and the LARSA 4D License Server.

Perpetual: LARSA 4D perpetual software licenses provide ongoing access to the software after paying a one-time license purchase fee. Perpetual licenses are available in two access designations:

  • Multi-User / Single-Office Access: Perpetual licenses are designated for Multi-User / Single-Office Access by default. The default designation supports unlimited installation of the software license at a single designated office-site.
  • Network / Multi-Office Access: Perpetual licenses are upgradable for Network / Multi-Office Access needs. The enhanced designation supports unlimited installation of the software license at multiple office-sites, including international office-sites.

Subscription: LARSA 4D subscription licenses provide termed access to the software for metered durations. Subscription licenses are available for 6-Month and 12-Month License Durations, and include built-in a "Credit Towards Purchase" that can be applied towards the purchase of a perpetual license at the end of the license term.

Thinking of expanding your use of LARSA 4D for offices in multiple locations? The process of upgrading your license from "Multi-User/Single-Office Access" to "Network/Multi-Office Access" is as simple as contacting LARSA. The enhanced designation is applied during annual license maintenance renewal and valid for the 12-month maintenance subscription period. Licenses upgraded during an active subscription period require payment of a prorated maintenance fee accounting for cost difference between access designations.

When upgrading to a more advanced package, the full cost of the lesser license is applied as credit allowing our clients to preserve their initial investments. Licenses upgraded during an active license maintenance subscription period require payment of a prorated maintenance fee accounting for the difference in LARSA's maintenance fees between the packages. Upgrades can be expedited for immediate delivery and teams trained on short notice to ensure users are well-versed commanding advanced features of the program.

End-user access limitations are governed by the number of "Seats" contained in the license. Each "Seat" contained in the license supports a single concurrent user.

The application communicates with the server in 15-minutes intervals to verify the license is in active use.

LARSA 4D Licenses utilize LARSA's cloud-based Enterprise License Manager. The System is completely hosted and maintained by LARSA, allowing clients to utilize LARSA 4D applications with minimal requirements. All clients must ensure the program can connect to the license server that resides at

Software license management doesn't have to be messy. Every installation of LARSA 4D includes the Enterprise License Monitor for transparency into your usage. With full visibility into your software usage you can optimize your license depending on how much, where, and by whom the license is being used. The Enterprise License resides at within LARSA 4D's application program folder, named "LarsaEnterpriseLicense.exe", and provides the following reports:

  • Current Users: The total number of Seats available within the Enterprise License and the total number of current active users.
  • Usage History Graphical display of the number of users who have accessed the license in the past, as well as on the current calendar day. Usage History can be reported for the following duration periods: 1-day, 5-days, 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, and 1-year. Extended Usage History reports beyond 1-year can be obtained by contacting LARSA.
  • Usage Details: Reports the total number of unique users for a particular day. For each user that accesses the license, the following identification information is reported: LARSA License ID #, Date, IP Address, Computer Name, User Name.

The LARSA 4D Enterprise License Manager includes a License Check-Out for use of the program in the absence of internet. "Webless" entry to the software enables the user to operate LARSA 4D applications for customizable durations up to 30-days. Further details on how to Check-Out and return LARSA 4D software licenses are available HERE.