At LARSA, we do our best to offer fair pricing for all users. When purchased in greater quantities, multi-seat license discounts are equally available for small to medium sized firms, as well as for larger national and international organizations to allow cost effective use of LARSA 4D. Scalable for changing project requirements, LARSA's preferential license upgrade plan applies the full cost of all licenses as credit when upgrading to a more advanced package. Companies that rely on LARSA take advantage of the following:

  • Volume Discounts - Clients purchasing a 2nd-Seat License receive a 25% Discount. Clients purchasing a 3rd-20th Seat License receive a 50% Discount. Clients purchasing a 21st & Above License Seat receive a 75% Discount.
  • Complimentary License Maintenance - All Licenses purchased include the initial 12-Month Subscription to LARSA's License Maintenance Program.
  • Perpetual Access - LARSA's perpetual software license model provides full access to the software after paying a one-time license purchase fee.
  • Preferential Upgrade - Apply the full cost of lessor licenses as credit when advanced capabilities are required for complex projects.
  • Network Access - All Licenses purchased support extended network access without requiring additional purchase fees.
4D STRUCTURE SERIES Product Pricing - North America
1st Seat LicenseUS$ 9,500.00
2nd Seat LicenseUS$ 7,125.00
3rd-20th Seat LicenseUS$ 4,750.00
Additional SeatsUS$ 2,375.00
• The initial 12-Month Subscription to LARSA's License Maintenance Program is complimentary with all Licenses purchased.
• All Seats of an existing License Pool must be covered by LARSA's License Maintenance Program to receive reduced pricing.
4D STRUCTURE SERIES License Maintenance Pricing - North America
Mutli-User / Single-Office AccessLARSA 4D STRUCTURE PLUS
All SeatsUS$ 2,375.00
Network / Multi-Office Access
All SeatsUS$ 2,850.00
• Multi-User / Single-Office Renewal provides unlimited installation at a single designated office site.
• Network / Multi-Office Renewal provides unlimited installation of the at multiple office sites, including for international office sites.
4D STRUCTURE SERIES Subscription License Pricing - North America
6-Month Subscription TermLicense CostCredit Towards Purchase
LARSA 4D STRUCTURE PLUSUS$ 3,000.00US$ 1,350.00
12-Month Subscription TermLicense CostCredit Towards Purchase
LARSA 4D STRUCTURE PLUSUS$ 5,000.00US$ 2,500.00
• Subscription Licenses include access to LARSA's License Maintenance and Support Program for the duration of License Term.
• "Credit Towards Purchase" can be applied at the conclusion of Subscription License Term and accrues value upon multiple License Term durations.