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Leading solutions for interoperability with LARSA 4D

LARSA 4D Inter-Suite provides new capabilities for LARSA 4D model data exchange with other industry leading software providers.

LARSA 4D Inter-Suite

LARSA 4D Inter-Suite provides a single “All Plugins” License for bridge engineers to connect their workflows between LARSA 4D and other industry software applications. Subscribed to on an annual basis, the tool provides an efficient means to access enhanced parametric modeling, import 3rd-party structural models for LARSA 4D’s industry-leading analysis engine, and enable information exchange with Revit.

If you work with a large number of applications on a daily basis and believe we can help improve your workflow with a LARSA 4D Inter-Suite addition, please contact LARSA to discuss your requirements with our Integrations Lead.

LARSA 4D Inter-Suite supports the following applications:

LARSA 4D Inter-Suite Grasshopper Plugin

LARSA 4D Inter-Suite Grasshopper Plugin

The LARSA 4D Inter-Suite Grasshopper Plugin interfaces Grasshopper’s algorithmic approach to parametric model generation with LARSA 4D BRIDGE SERIES’ premier analytical capabilities. The plugin adds LARSA 4D’s analytical elements, loads, and construction sequences to the Grasshopper canvas. With Grasshopper and the LARSA 4D Inter-Suite plugin, engineers can create parametric models that can be revised in seconds, instead of weeks, as requirements change during the design phase. And as a connective tissue, Grasshopper and the LARSA 4D plugin can be used to move existing Digital Twin project geometry from any Grasshopper compatible application to a LARSA 4D analytical model.

The plugin provides a “LARSA 4D Toolbox” inside Grashopper's UI that contains a full library of components including:
  • Bridge Geometry Objects
  • Exporters
  • Materials
  • Sections
  • Members
  • Plates
  • Tendons
  • Utilities
  • Viewers

LARSA 4D Inter-Suite Revit Plugin

LARSA 4D Inter-Suite Revit Plugin

The LARSA 4D Inter-Suite Revit Plugin opens new workflows for bridge engineers working collaboratively across multiple disciplines. The plugin imports a LARSA 4D analytical model into Revit including frame elements, shells, pre/post-tensioned tendon geometry, and construction stages as Revit phases. For precise workflows requiring advanced adjustments the plugin maps LARSA 4D’s Staged Construction phasing directly into Revit models, where Revit Project and Frame Family files are saved and available for reuse in other projects.

With the addition of the LARSA 4D Inter-Suite plugin, LARSA 4D models can now be integrated into a Revit “BrIM hub” that synchronizes Digital Twin data across the myriad Revit-compatible software that project teams may be using.