The LARSA 4D AOM Pile Foundation Modeler

The LARSA 4D AOM Pile Foundation Modeler is a tool for the modeling and analysis of pile foundations based on the principles soil structure interaction. The tool uses parametric input to rapidly generate analytical models of one or more pile foundations that can be analyzed directly within the Modeler or exported to LARSA 4D, where it can be analyzed and combined with super- and sub-structure elements.

The tool includes:

  • Nonlinear Soil Structure Interaction Springs using Lateral (P-y), Surface Friction (T-z), Tip Resistance (Q-z), & Torsional Soil Models
  • Nonlinear Analysis Using a Refined Analytical Model
  • Equivalent Linear Foundation Spring (6x6 Stiffness Matrix) Export
  • Rapid Parametric Object-Based Modeling
  • Any Pile Cap Shape, Pile Layout, and Pile Cross-Section Can Be Used
  • Integration with LARSA 4D
LARSA 4D AOM Pile Foundation Modeler

Nonlinear SSI Model

Soil-structure interaction (SSI) springs for lateral resistance (PY) and axial surface friction (TZ) are automatically generated according to the soil models selected by the user from the application’s library. The nonlinear analytical model eliminates the lengthy iterative process typically used for linear foundation models.

Modeling Capabilities

The Pile Foundation Modeler supports pile caps of rectangular or any common or custom shape, which are automatically meshed, as well as piles with batter and nonprismatic cross-sections. Group effect values (P-multipliers) are automatically assigned to piles using built-in layouts or can be manually defined.

LARSA 4D Integration

Models created in the Pile Foundation Modeler can be exported to LARSA 4D BRIDGE SERIES as either a refined nonlinear model or a linear foundation spring to be combined with substructure or a complete structural model for further analysis using any LARSA 4D analysis type including Staged Construction Analysis, live load, dynamic, and seismic analysis.


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