LARSA 4D BRIDGE is the package suited for advanced analysis of bridges with complex geometry or inelastic properties. This package includes everything in LARSA 4D BRIDGE pLT plus nonlinear time history analysis, inelastic analysis, analysis scenarios, and segmental construction methods for Staged Construction Analysis.

LARSA 4D's Steel Bridge Module uses a wizard-like interface to simplify 3D model generation for complex I, box, and tub girder bridges, while providing fully integrated AASHTO compliant code check and load rating tools, along with the ability to move beyond typical grillage analysis to utilize influence surface based live load.

LARSA's Section Composer is a graphical companion tool for modeling arbitrary sections for use in LARSA 4D. Section Composer supports standard, parametric, nonprismatic, and custom shape sections

Nonlinear Pushover/Buckling.

Nonlinear Time history.

Linear Static Analysis.

Nonlinear Static Analysis.

Eigenvalue Analysis.

Response Spectra Analysis.

Linear Time History Analysis.

Rolling Stock Analysis.

Influence Line Based Live Load.

Influence Surface Based Live Load.

Bridge Path Coordinate Systems.

Basic Staged Construction.

Analysis Scenarios.

Support Activities.

Element Construction Activites.

Deconstruction Activities.

Constraint Activities.

Truss & Beam Element.

Thin & Thick Plate Behavior.

Shell Element.

Grounded Spring.

2-Node Spring with 6x6 Stiffness.

6-Node & 15-Node Wedge.

8-Node & 20-Node Brick.



Compression Only Truss.

Tension Only Truss.

Nonlinear Elastic Spring.

Hysteretic Inelastic Spring.

Moment-Curvature Beam.

Nonlinear Hysteretic Beam.

Beam with Inelastic Connection.

Friction Pednulum.

Sliding Friction.

Viscous Dashpot.

4D BRIDGE is LARSA's #1 software package in use at leading bridge design and analysis firms throughout the United States and abroad.

Featuring LARSA's nonlinear element library and advanced analysis options for seismic and nonlinear time history analysis, 4D BRIDGE supports the following bridge types:

Cable-Stayed Bridges.

Pre-Cast Bridges.

Arch Bridges.

Suspension Bridges.

Stressed-Ribbon Bridges.

Steel I, Box and Tub Girder Bridges.

Steel Composite Bridges.

Truss Bridges.

Slab Bridges.

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