Designed for engineers working with I, box and tub girder bridges with complex curvature and skew alignments, 4D BRIDGE pLT is LARSA's entry level package within the BRIDGE SERIES Suite. Featuring LARSA's powerful staged construction analysis engine in addition to LARSA's bridge specific tools, such as influence surface based live load and Bridge Path Coordinate Systems, 4D BRIDGE pLT delivers high end features without the high end price tag commonly associated with advanced finite element analysis software.

LARSA 4D's Steel Bridge Module uses a wizard-like interface to simplify 3D model generation for complex I, box, and tub girder bridges, while providing fully integrated AASHTO compliant code check and load rating tools, along with the ability to move beyond typical grillage analysis to utilize influence surface based live load.

LARSA's Section Composer is a graphical companion tool for modeling arbitrary sections for use in LARSA 4D. Section Composer supports standard, parametric, nonprismatic, and custom shape sections

Linear Static Analysis.

Nonlinear Static Analysis.

Eigenvalue Analysis.

Response Spectra Analysis.

Linear Time History Analysis.

Influence Line Based Live Load.

Influence Surface Based Live Load.

Bridge Path Coordinate Systems.

Basic Staged Construction.

Analysis Scenarios.

Support Activities.

Element Construction Activites.

Constraint Activities.

Truss & Beam Element.

Thin & Thick Plate Behavior.

Shell Element.

Grounded Spring.

2-Node Spring with 6x6 Stiffness.

LARSA 4D BRIDGE pLT is our entry-level package for the analysis and design of bridges, including short-span, pedestrian, and steel girder bridges.

Featuring the unrivaled analysis capaibilities of LARSA's Staged Analysis engine, 4D BRIDGE pLT's user-friendly interface is rapidly becoming the preferred software for curved and skewed I, box, and tub girder bridges. From simple girder projects to complex bridges featuring concentric girders with irregular spacing and variable deck width, BRIDGE pLT provides the complete solution for steel girder bridges.

With LARSA's full elastic element library along with cable elements, LARSA 4D BRIDGE pLT supports the following bridge types:

Steel I, Box and Tub Girder Bridges.

Steel Composite Bridges.

Truss Bridges.

Slab Bridges.

The best way to experience the strengths of LARSA 4D is with a hands-on free trial. To request a no-risk 30-day trial license to LARSA 4D BRIDGE pLT, please fill out the following form.