LARSA 4D STRUCTURE PLUS is for the advanced analysis of nonlinear or inelastic structures or projects with complex construction schedules. It includes all of the features of LARSA 4D STRUCTURE in addition to LARSA's inelastic element library and inelastic analysis, influence line live load analysis, analysis scenarios, and the full Staged Construction Analysis.

Nonlinear Time History.

Nonlinear Pushover/Buckling.

Linear Static Analysis.

Nonlinear Static Analysis.

Eigenvalue Analysis.

Response Spectra Analysis.

Linear Time History Analysis.

Basic Staged Construction.

Analysis Scenarios.

Support Activities.

Element Construction Activities.

Element Deconstruction Activities.

Constraint Activities.

Truss & Beam Element.

Thin & Thick Plate Behavior.

Shell Element.

Grounded Spring.

2-Node Spring with 6x6 Stiffness.

6-Node & 15-Node Wedge.

8-Node & 20-Node Brick.



Compression Only Truss.

Tension Only Truss.

Nonlinear Elastic Spring.

Hysteretic Inelastic Spring.

Moment-Curvature Beam.

Nonlinear Hysteretic Beam.

Beam with Inelastic Connection.

Friction Pednulum.

Sliding Friction.

Viscous Dashpot.

LARSA 4D's STRUCTURE PLUS package delivers advanced features for engineers working with complex structures, such as high rise buildings and geodesic domes. With LARSA's nonlinear element library and advanced analysis scenarios, STRUCTURE PLUS is frequently used for buildings located in regions of high seismic activity.

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