Innovation in engineering software not only pertains to analysis capabilities, but to how LARSA supports its clients with unique and innovative systems.

LARSA Client Support

LARSA's Annual Maintenance Program is a yearly subscription to ongoing services from LARSA which represent our commitment to ensure our clients maximize their use of LARSA 4D Software. In addition to software updates and technical support, we extend customized additions to the software, fulfilling our client's unique and changing needs as they arise.

The support tools listed below complement the other ways LARSA's Support Team regularly provides assistance to its clients, such as with desktop sharing, writing macros, and on-site training.

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It takes a community to connect a bridge, and a knowledgeable support staff to support its engineers.

Engineers feel comfortable working with LARSA 4D because LARSA developers and support personnel work closely with their clients to develop the tools clients need to make their work more efficient and effective. Listed below are several of the unique ways LARSA's Annual Maintenance Program supports its clients.

Features On Demand

Similar to an app on your smartphone, Features on Demand allows LARSA's support engineers to provide new features directly to waiting clients without having to go through the normal software release cycle and without the user having to uninstall and reinstall to an updated version of the program. Once a feature is completed, it's placed on LARSA's website where the client can download it at their convenience.

Unlimited Client Training

LARSA, Inc. is authorized to issue Professional Development Hours to licensed Professional Engineers. Client training is conducted by an experienced member of the LARSA 4D team and comes at no additional cost to the client. We offer web-based training on as "as needed" basis, along with complimentary "on-site" training for clients that possess 10-or-more seats of LARSA 4D.

Unlimited Technical Support

LARSA's Support Team has a reputation for going out of its way to address the needs of our clients, with questions answered and issued resolved often within minutes to hours. Annual Maintenance subscribers have unlimited access to our technical support between the hours of 9:00AM-5:00PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday, as well as 24-hour access 7-days a week via email.


LARSA Live is a new deployment technology that allows clients to utilize custom features or new versions of the software without needing to uninstall LARSA 4D or make any changes to their computer system. This is particularly useful when an ongoing project requires staying at a particular version number, but the capabilities in the newer version would be beneficial for a current or upcoming project.

Customization & Extensibility

When faced with a repetitive task, let your computer do the work for you. LARSA 4D macros, through the program's extensive API and object model, can automate any program process to save time, including data import, modeling, and results analysis and export. While some experience is generally needed to write macros from scratch, our technical support staff gladly writes macros to help our clients.

Home-based Licensing

LARSA 4D clients are granted special licenses to all of their engineers for the duration of the maintenance period so that engineers may install and use the same full version of the LARSA 4D Suite (the same license as is issued to the client) on their home computers, for "after-hours" and educational use. Home licenses are internet-locked and require a stabile internet connect to access the license when running the program.