Dee & Charles Wyly Theatre

The dramatic new theatre for Dallas presented an interesting challenge for the builders. It is not common for a building to be self supporting during construction. But the unique character of the architectural design required extensive construction engineering to support steel erection, and to target final geometry for the building.The Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre is a 12‐level theatre building located in Dallas, Texas. T.Y. Lin International provided erection support services for the contractor. LARSA 4D was used to develop a 20 stage, time dependent analysis model. Because the building was not self‐supporting during erection, LARSA 4D was used to calculate stage‐by‐stage temporary corner prop and permanent member demands. Also of importance was stage‐by‐stage building deflections, including long term creep after prop removal.

Project Details

  • Client:T.Y. Lin International
  • Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Date: 2009
  • Design Type: Building Design