Port Mann River Bridge

An iconic structure that will be widest bridge in Canada standing 150-meters tall, the Port Mann River Bridge features 4,012-foot long pre-cast concrete segmental box girder approaches, 623-foot long side spans, and a 2,789-foot long cable-stayed main span.

"Combining both cable-stayed and precast construction, design was performed by T.Y. Lin International in collaboration with IBT. LARSA 4D was used as the core analysis software for the entire 2 km long bridge - both for the post-tensioned concrete segmental design and for the detailed composite model of the 850m cable stayed structure. The approach structures were designed using the time dependent segmental analysis features of LARSA 4D."
- David Goodyear, Senior Vice President, TY Lin International Group.

Project Details

  • Client:T.Y. Lin International
  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Date: Current
  • Design Type: Pre-Cast & Cable-Stayed