Hastings Bridge

Parsons was the lead designer of the 1,938-ft-long replacement bridge that features a 545-ft main-span tied arch with freestanding vertical steel arch ribs that eliminated the traditional bracing - a North American record. The main span was erected on land, transferred onto barges with SPMTs, floated in, positioned in between piers using a skid rail system, and lifted into place with strand jacks on top of the piers. The bridge move was completed in 48 hours, significantly limiting the impacts to the navigational channel and adjacent roadways. To date, it is the largest SPMT bridge move in the U.S.. The design and erection analysis was performed using Larsa 4D.

Project Details

  • Client:PARSONS
  • Location: Hastings, Minnesota
  • Date: 2013
  • Design Type: tied arch