Athabasca River Bridge

The Athabasca River Bridge is a 475m long composite steel-plate girder bridge. The superstructure is a ten girder system with seven spans in the 60-80m range. The total weight of the superstructure is 5100 tons.

McElhanney’s bridge design and erection engineering group (formerly Infinity Engineering) is responsible for the detailed construction engineering of the steel superstructure designed to be erected through incremental launching. All ten girders will launch simultaneously, making this one of the widest and longest launches n Canada. In addition to other services, Infinity conducted a 3D step-by-step staging analysis and checked the bridge components during the launch.

Project Details

  • Client:McElhanney Consulting Services, ltd.
  • Location: Alberta, Canada
  • Date: 2019
  • Design Type: Steel-Plate Girder Bridge