Technical Papers

Describes the development of the Indian River Inlet Bridge in Delaware, which was designed using LARSA 2000/4D. Describes the development of a material nonlinear three-dimensional beam column element in IDARC3D, which makes use of LARSA 2000's plugin capabilities. Two hysteretic models (a polygonal model and a smooth model) for inelastic behavior of macro-models of structural components are developed. These models can simulate the deteriorating behavior of strength, stiffness, and bond slip. The theoretical background, the development and the implementation of these models are presented. The report shows a holistic picture of the modeling of one-dimensional inelastic material behavior and indicates how various hysteretic models are obtained from the basic principles of mechanics and thermodynamics through numerous assumptions, which lead to certain approximations. Finally, the incorporation of the hysteretic models into two computer programs (IDARC2D and NSPECTRA) is described. The appendix focuses on the implementation details of the polygonal hysteretic model. A comprehensive structural analysis of the United States Capitol's dome reveals that the dome is sound and capable of resisting all reasonably anticipated loadings. LZA chose a prerelease version of LARSA, produced by LARSA, Inc., of New York City, which uniquely provided most of the desired criteria. Initially the run time for the model used took three and a half hours . . . LARSA provided support and a first-generation matrix numerical solver technique that cancels out zeros at unrestrained degrees of freedom and reduces the bandwidth, resulting in a run time of just seven minutes. The world's largest cable dome, to be completed for the 1992 football season in Atlanta, will be the centerpiece of the 1996 Olympic Games. Spanning 766 ft x 610 ft (233.5 m x 186 m), it will be the first Hypar-Tensegrity Dome. This new cable supported teflon-coated fabric roof is based on the tensegrity principles first enunciated by Buckminster Fuller and Kenneth Snelson. Because of the large deformation characteristics of this type of structures, special geometric nonlinear analysis is required. This paper describes the modeling and the behavior of the roof for the Georgia Dome under different loadings. A software package like LARSA provides not only the answer to the every day analysis and design problem but also the nonlinear solutions that large deformation structures require. This leads to the ability to economically construct complex structures which would not otherwise be feasible, opening the door to an exciting range of possibilities limited only by the creativity of the engineer.
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